Since we are currently in beta, we are currently enabling all features on all accounts at no charge.

Free forever
Pricing tentative. Free for now
Number of clients 3 Unlimited
Number of projects 6 Unlimited
Number of timers Unlimited Unlimited
Real-time billing calculator
Client billing tracking
Time history reports
Time breakdown reports
Time reports by week ---
Client, project and timer archiving ---
Data exporting (CSV) ---
Email support ---
Default Plan for Beta

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will my account be deleted when beta ends, or will I lose any data?

A: No, we will not delete any accounts when beta ends, and neither will you lose any data.

Q: What features will become paid-only when beta ends?

A: The above table shows which features will become paid-only when beta ends. Free accounts will still have all the basic features needed by most people. Users who have more than the maximum number of clients and projects when changing from the paid version to the free version will not lose their data on those extra clients/projects - they will just not be able to create any additional clients/projects.